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Third prize digital smile design awards after treatment

Invisalign Orthodontics & Composite Bonding


Image of patient before composite bonding and Invisalign treatment

Sinead’s treatment took 11 months. She had a combination of Invisalign clear braces and composite bonding to repair minor imperfections such as small chips in the teeth.

Each year O’Neill Dental Care submits a series of patients before and after photographs for the clear braces National Smile Awards. The competition is judged by public vote for the best dental transformation. 

Sinead’s transformation was so incredible that she was placed second in the ‘Smile of the Year Awards’.

Most importantly, Sinead was very happy with the results.


Patients image before Invisalign
Patients image after Invisalign Treatment

Terrie is a very talented singer from Swords, Co. Dublin. She was so unhappy with her smile, it was affecting her performances. Terrie had a brand new smile in less than a year and the self confidence to match.

Terrie had Invisalign orthodontic treatment to re-align her teeth. After the Invisalign was complete Kellie had some dental bonding to improve shape of individual teeth and repair a few small imperfections.


Image of patient after composite bonding and Invisalign


Image of Aisling Before her composite bonding and Invisalign
Image of Aisling After her composite bonding and Invisalign

Aisling had Invisalign treatment over the space of a year. You can see from the Photo above that the treatment had remarkable results in straightening her smile. After completing the Invisalign phase of her smile restoration, Aisling had a combination of bonding and whitening treatments to complete her Smile.

Invisalign Orthodontics & Composite Veneers


Before invisalign with composite veneers and teeth whitening
Veneers and Invisalign treatment

Vincent had Invisalign treatment to straighten his teeth. Once the Invisalign treatment was complete, Vincent then had teeth whitening and was fitted with four full coverage veneers on the top front teeth to improve their shape.


Our Patient featured below came to us for Invisalign treatment to straighten his teeth. Ricardo also had eight Veneers after the Invisalign was complete to correct imperfections in his new straight smile.

Image of patient before treatment: Invisalign and Veneers
Image of Patient after Dental Treatment. Treatments included Invisalign, teeth whitening and eight Veneers

Smile Design

Picture of patient Before Digital Smile Design

This case is a smile makeover and rehabilitation of severely worn, damaged and discoloured teeth. As you can see in the above before & after photos, the result is a beautiful and youthful smile. The teeth are also protected against further wear.

Treatment involved a combination of teeth whitening, porcelain veneers on the outside upper front teeth, full coverage veneers on the back teeth, and dental crowns and bridges to replace the missing back teeth.

We provided a clear retainer to protect against further wear from night-time tooth grinding.

These teeth had also been straightened with Invisalign clear braces to place them in the best position to create the patients desired smile.

Veneers & Teeth Whitening

Image of Patient after Veneers treatment

This patient was treated with eight veneers and teeth whitening for the remaining teeth. The veneers wrap around the teeth like a crown to improve the shape, colour and position of teeth.

The patients bite was opened to lengthen the teeth and improve the functionality.

Complete Dental Rehabilitation

David came to the practice with years of tooth wear and erosion. He had problems with his bite and was at risk of losing many teeth.
David really wanted to bring back his old smile. Dr Eoin O’Neill looked at David’s wedding photos for inspiration. Eoin collaborated with a specialist lab to digitally design Davids new smile and treatment plan. As you can see from the before & after phots, David reached his goal. 
A combination of Crowns and Veneers were used to restore and lengthen his worn teeth, support the lips and show more teeth in the smile. 

Teeth Whitening

Image of patient after teeth whitening

The patient above had in-Surgery teeth whitening treatment to brighten her smile. The transformation of her smile can clearly be seen in the Photos. This treatment was completed in a single appointment.

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