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This wedding day image includes a couple who availed of cosmentic dental treatment at O'Neill Dental Care Swords

Your wedding day is most likely to be one of the most memorable days of your life. There is so much to consider when planning for the big day. You will need to decide on suits and dresses both for yourselves, the groomsmen and the bridal party. Invitations will need to be sent out and hotels and menus selected.

No doubt you will be eager to organise the nicest flowers and hire a great photographer to capture the big day and family photos.

With all this in mind, you will want to look your very best on the day. You may also want to consider your smile. We offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments to brighten and straighten your teeth to make sure you look your best.

Our services include teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, Composite Bonding, Porcelain Veneers and Crowns, Invisalign braces and Digital Smile Design. 

The treatment plan our cosmetic dentist recommends will be tailored to your personal needs and the end result you desire. Time available will also be important in determining the best course of treatment for you.

You can book in for a complimentary wedding day consultation with O’Neill Dental Care. 

Wedding packages

Time Frame

There are a number of treatment options available that we recommend based on the time available. Whether your wedding is not for another year or it is only two weeks away we can enhance your smile with a variety of pain free cosmetic treatments.

One Year

With a year or more available we can repair cracked and broken teeth, straighten your teeth and close gaps to give you a bright and even smile. This can be achieved using a combination of Invisalign Aligners (virtually invisible) and Crowns and/or Composite Veneers if necessary. We will provide you with a digitally designed photograph of your end result before treatment even begins.

Two to Six Months

While two to six months is not really enough time to straighten your teeth with Invisalign treatment there are still plenty of other options available.

If your teeth are relatively straight and you wish to change the shape, size and colour we would recommend Composite or Porcelain Veneers. There is no need for drilling or needles with this type of treatment. The dentist merely has to lightly sand the surface of the teeth so that the Veneers will bond well to your natural teeth.

This treatment can correct minor gaps in your teeth, cover cracks and chips and can be used to give a straighter, whiter and more even looking smile.

Two Weeks

If your wedding is just around the corner, there are still some fantastic options for you. With only a couple of weeks to go you can still have small chips and cracks repaired and the colour and shape of your smile enhanced.

Edge bonding (Composite Bonding) can fix the annoying chips you may have in your teeth and give you a brighter, more even looking smile in a single appointment. This cosmetic treatment can be completed in under 2 hours and is perfect for a bride or groom as a last minute option.

One Week

With only a week to the big day you can get a brighter, whiter smile in one day.

In Surgery Teeth Whitening treatment will whiten your smile to your desired colour. The procedure takes up to 2 hours and can be done days before your wedding. We use special gels to ensure any sensitivity of the teeth is minimal. 

We also offer home whitening kits, but you will need to allow a few weeks to get the desired result.

As you can see, there are plenty of options available regardless of how much time remains.

If you would like to discuss your options or make an appointment simply complete the contact form below, or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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